Cavity Units & Exposed Sliders

Cavity Units

Cavity units are a perfect space saving option where a normal hinged door would be obstructed by furniture etc. A cavity unit also allows you to have a much larger door opening as the door slides in the wall and does not take up floor space when opening and closing.


Cavity units are supplied fully assembled with track, pelmet and a door of your choice. A plywood board is fitted on the section of the frame that is built into the wall ensuring no cement/debris can fall into the cavity and obstruct the operation of the door whilst the unit is being installed.



Torpedo Guide​

Hangers and Tracks

Torpedo guide
Top section of cavity unit
Sliding door hanger 100kg

Doors Up to 100Kg

Sliding door hanger 200kg

Doors Up to 200Kg

Section through top of unit

Exposed Sliders​

Exposed slider pelmet


If installing a cavity unit is not practical, another option is to have the door slide along the face of the wall. This option is supplied with a track which is fixed to the wall and a pelmet to cover and conceal the track, the door is supplied with the hangers fitted. Alternatively, we have an exposed barn style system. 

Units are custom made according to size and door requirements.

The products/images on this website are computer generated and therefore do not reflect the true colour and texture of timber. All products and hardware are subject to change without notification.

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