Louvre doors and shutters

Luna Range

The Luna Range of doors has been manufactured for the benefit of allowing natural air flow to any environment.
These Louvre doors may be used in areas where there are no external openings for natural air to flow. These areas may include bathrooms, pantry’s and UPS cupboards.
The Luna range is available with an option of a heavier
blade. These doors may be used for an industrial
application such as transformer rooms.

The shutters in the Luna range are designed either to be used as cupboard doors or as window shutters and can be functional or non functional.

Our non functional shutters have been designed to enhance and add a specific type of character to your home.

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Available in the following sizes

G1 Louvre shutters (36x9 blades) available in the following sizes

Width x    Height

300    x    610

300    x    910

300    x    1220

300    x    1500

Width x    Height

450    x    610

450    x    910

450    x    1220

450    x    1500

Width x    Height

600    x    610

600    x    910

600    x    1220

600    x    1500

G4 & G5 available in the following sizes

Width   x  Height

762      x    2032

813      x    2032

1219    x    2032

1511    x    2030

1613    x    2032

Width   x  Height

762      x    2400

813      x    2400

1219    x    2400

1511    x    2400

1613    x    2400

G2 and G3 heavy blade louvres are made to order

Special sizes available on request

Louvre section

G1 Secton View

Heavy blade louvre section

G 2 Section View

Heavy blade louvre

G 3 Section View