Horizontal door in dinning room

Door Pairs

Door Pairs can add an extra feature or statement to any home by creating extra space, and allow more natural light to enter your home.

These doors can be used internally by offering many practical benefits, such as creating larger open spaces between two areas. They can also be used to create an open plan living area.

Door pairs are available either as an equal or unequal pair. Unequal pairs are suitable when one of the leafs are used for everyday access, the smaller leaf can be opened to widen the opening when necessary.

Door pairs are available with a T-bar or Rebate.
T-bars are a popular option as one can decide on installation which hand option is suitable and a rebate lock kit is not necessary.

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T Bar
T Piece


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Door rebate


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Available in the following sizes

  • 1219x2032

  • 1511x2032

  • 1613x2032

  • 1219x2400

  • 1511x2400

  • 1613x2400

Special sizes available on request